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Finding the right size dumpster for your leftover and used up roofing materials is important. Incorrectly estimating your material amounts and buying a dumpster with too much or too little space can become an expensive and unnecessary hassle. At Roll-offs of Des Moines, we care about saving you money and time so you can have your new roof without any difficulty. Follow our easy formula and use our calculator to help determine what kind of dumpster you will need for your roof, and request your dumpster today.

Calculate Your Roofing Needs

(# of sq. X layers) / 9 = # of tons

To rent a dumpster with Roll-offs of Des Moines, we charge a rate per ton, and nine squares normally weigh one ton. One square for your roof will be 10’x10’, which is three bundles of shingles. Each bundle will weigh about 90 pounds.

Box Size Roofing Capacity
10 yd. 40 sq.
15 yd. 50 sq.
20 yd. 80 sq.
30 yd. 100 sq.
40 yd. 100 sq.
Roofing Calculator
# of sq:
# of Tons:

*100 sq. is equivalent to the max weight for compliance to DOT restrictions

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